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Research on psychological stress and effective solutions in treating psychological stress


Research on psychological stress Stress or psychological pressure is defined as a reaction of the body to anything imposed on it forcibly, it may be related to work, material issues, as well as diseases and social relationships, and in this article we present to you a research on psychological stress, and we will address all its aspects. So, do not miss to follow the following lines on the EGYPress website.

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Research on psychological stress
Psychological stress is one of the experiences that make a person able to deal when exposed to complex situations later on.
One of the advantages of daily stress is that it encourages you to overcome the challenges that will meet you in the future, in order to have a better life.

This is achieved for a person in the event that these problems or pressures are of moderate intensity, but if it is more severe than that, or they are followed by a large number at one time, this gives a negative result on the person’s performance of his daily functions, both mentally and physically.

Signs of psychological stress related to human feeling
A person’s feelings are disturbed as a result of the psychological pressures he is exposed to, and this leads to the appearance of some signs on him.
Among these signs related to human feelings, which were discovered through a study and research on psychological stress, is that he noticeably loses his sense of humor.
He also loses interest in his daily life, and becomes indifferent to it, as well as bouts of depression, and he cannot feel the pleasure as before.
This person also suffers from a state of extreme neglect, and a strong feeling of loneliness, no matter where the place around him is teeming with people.
At the same time, this person experiences a feeling of intense anxiety all the time, fear of the unknown, as well as some nervousness in dealing with things.
Also, this person becomes very worried about his health, and thinks irrationally about many issues at the same time, but he cannot stop this thinking of his own free will.
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Signs of psychological stress associated with human behavior
There are also some signs resulting from daily psychological stress, which appear on a person’s behavior, and his actions clearly.
One of these signs is that he becomes restless when talking to others all the time, and we notice that he has the habit of biting nails with his teeth.

He also becomes a lot of crying hysterically, as well as sometimes resorting to shouting loudly, and at the same time he becomes a lot of sarcasm and mockery of others.
He also appears in another habit, which is unjustified scratching of the skin, and he is unable to focus on his daily affairs normally as a result of his mental exhaustion.
He often turns away from any situation that may cause him problems or inconvenience, as he turns to the negative habit of smoking, or drinking alcohol heavily, which makes him unable to make any fateful decisions in his life while he is in this miserable state.
This person also becomes unable to stay in one place for a long time, as he is very mobile and clearly shows tension.
The classification of this person’s behavior towards the amount of food he eats also varies, as some tend to eat large quantities of food, while others resort to reducing food as a result of stress and lack of focus.
Other health signs appear on a person as a result of psychological stress
In addition to the signs we mentioned above, there are some other signs that appeared on the physical health of individuals while conducting a research on psychological stress.
Among these signs are severe headaches, and some pains that appear in the chest area, as well as muscle strains as a result of exposure to severe psychological pressure, and there are some cases that showed infections in the eyes.
This person also notices a noticeable rise in blood pressure, with some physical fatigue, and pressure on the eye that causes blurred vision, as well as cases called hyperventilation or shallow breathing.
The person also appears constantly feeling tired without an organic cause, and he also suffers from some panic attacks as well.
It shows the problem of teeth chatter, or the so-called mouth occlusion, and he also suffers from sleep disorders, as he cannot sleep regularly, and he suffers from some nightmares during sleep continuously.
As well as health problems related to psychological stress some problems that appear in the sexual relationship, this person may become unwilling or uninterested in this relationship, or unable to enjoy it in any way.
There are some other health problems such as constipation or diarrhea, as well as other symptoms such as dizziness or nausea, he may experience some cases of indigestion, or a burning sensation inside the stomach, and he may eventually experience sudden fainting.
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Causes of psychological stress

One of the most important factors that help in dealing with cases of psychological stress is to know its causes first, and there are many reasons that may lead to putting pressure on a person.
One of these reasons is the presence of stress in events that may threaten your life, and that is when a person is subjected to psychological pressure through some situations or events to which this person’s reaction is often to escape.

He rarely faces these situations, and this confrontation represents a great psychological pressure on this person.

Environmental pressure also causes psychological burdens on humans, as psychological stress is the human’s reaction to the things around him, causing him some nervous stress, and these things include noise, commotion, crowding, as well as family and work.
There are some internal causes that cause psychological pressure on a person in exaggerated anxiety, as well as tension in terms of things that do not require that tension, and a lot of anxiety about things that you cannot control, and taking some actions to confront these things.
The psychological stress resulting from internal causes is the most treatable type of psychological stress, and the solution is for the rest of the pressures.
Excess work also causes exhaustion of the body, and this leads to psychological pressure on the person doing this work, and there are other reasons related to the study.
These reasons include continuing to work for long periods, or doing some hard and difficult work, as well as not being able to manage his time well, and depriving his body of rest and calm for a sufficient period of time.
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acute stress

Psychological stress is divided into several types, including acute stress, episodic acute stress, and chronic stress.
Acute stress is one of the most prevalent types of psychological stress, as well as it lasts for a short period of time, as it represents many cases of psychological stress faced by humans.
The owner of this condition suffers from thinking about things that happened recently, or what will happen in the near future of things that may cause him harm, but this harm may be less than the psychological stress that this person experiences because of thinking about him.
Acute psychological stress is characterized by that its effect on the long-term self is less than chronic psychological stress that lasts for long periods and may last throughout his life, but acute stress may be prolonged to become chronic stress.
Among the signs accompanying acute psychological stress is that it causes some cases of tension, severe anxiety, a sense of malaise, headaches, and some stomach disorders and problems that last for limited periods.
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Acute Nubian stress

Among the types of psychological stress, there is also acute emotional stress, and the sufferer of this type of psychological pressure suffers from cases of continuous stress, frequently at intervals called seizures.
Owners of this type are distinguished by the fact that they suffer from stress due to costume anxiety exceeding the normal limit, as well as those who adhere to some necessary requirements, which they cannot organize because of their large number.
This type of relationship clearly causes crises in social relationships, as well as may lead to some health problems such as heart diseases, as well as a sharp rise in blood pressure.
Chronic stress
One of the types of psychological stress is also chronic stress, and this type of pressure causes the most harmful psychological impact on the person affected by it, and that is in the long run compared to the rest of the types of psychological stress.
This type of psychological pressure causes continuous family problems, a clear family disintegration, and leads to some cases of poverty as a result of the inability to lead a normal daily life.
The person in this type is unable to escape from the thing that causes him stress, and also cannot work to solve it, and eventually becomes forced to live with this condition, so that no one notices these changes in them.
Psychological stress in this case may cause changes in the behavior and behavior of this person dramatically, as he resorts to aggressive actions, behaves violently, and attempts suicide, and the pressure causes him to have some heart attacks, as well as the risk of stroke.
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The ability to withstand psychological stress
Humans have different abilities to bear and face psychological stress, and there are some reasons that help them in this confrontation effectively, and give them the ability to withstand psychological pressure.
Among these factors is moral support, as the support provided by family members, as well as friends, plays a major role in the process of facing the psychological pressures that this person is exposed to.
Also, on the contrary, if a person suffers from loneliness, and the lack of support for him greatly, the effect of psychological pressure on him is clearly doubled, and this increases the possibility of a healthy person being exposed to sudden psychological pressure.
The ability of a person to deal with his feelings also helps in reducing the consequences of psychological pressure on him, as a person who can calm his emotions in time of need can face symptoms of psychological stress such as sadness, anxiety, and sometimes anger.
It also greatly affects the way this person views and analyzes the situation he is exposed to, as well as the daily challenges, and this determines the way he faces his psychological pressures.
A person with an optimistic outlook on life, who has a high sense of humor, and loves to face life’s challenges, you will find that he is not affected much by the psychological pressures on him.
On the contrary, the pessimistic person with a melancholic outlook on life, who takes all matters very seriously, will suffer greatly in every location he is exposed to, and psychological stress will affect him greatly.
The person’s experiences in life, his knowledge of its fluctuating circumstances, preparing and preparing himself for these fluctuations, as well as his awareness of the future, all help greatly facilitate the process of facing these problems.
Means to treat psychological stress
Psychological stress can be treated by following some simple instructions that will positively affect your psychological state and your ability to perform your daily functions well.
One of these means is to get closer to God Almighty, increase your faith in Him, adhere to your religious duties, and maintain your regular prayers on time.
You can also read the Qur’an continuously, and this will give you more relaxation, psychological calm, and clarity of mind, which will make you able to solve your problems in a more rational and calm manner, and will keep you away from any negative thoughts that may enter your thinking.
It will also make you open-hearted in receiving problems and accepting any strange matters to you, as your belief will increase that all of this are predestination that God Almighty puts in your way, and all you have to do is take the reasons for solving them only without the trouble of exaggerated thinking.
You can also change your way of thinking about the causes of psychological stress, where you can focus only on the positive and the bright side of every challenge you face in your daily life, and this will greatly help you in treating the effects of psychological stress on you.
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Other effective solutions to treat stress
Maintaining the link that connects you with those around you, interacting directly with people, and creating new social relationships will greatly contribute to getting you out of the stress shell, and will also help you see things a lot differently.
It is also possible to look for the causes that led to the psychological stress, and work to change and improve them, even if the reason is in someone you deal with that you can distance yourself from or flatten your relationship with him.
And if your work is the cause of your psychological pressure, you must give up on it, and if you are not able to give it up, you must change your view of what harms you in this work, and try to deal with it in a positive way and win it in your favor.
There are some exercises that help to feel relaxed, for example, taking a deep breath in case you feel one of the symptoms of psychological stress mentioned earlier, this will help you a lot in getting rid of any tension or anxiety that affects you.
Some exercises also help stimulate blood circulation, expel negative energy from within you by moving your muscles, and sweating, which reduces psychological pressure on you, such as walking for half an hour to improve your mood.
Talking with trusted people in your life helps to release pent-up negative feelings inside you, which keeping them secret can lead to major health problems, as well as writing about your problems and fears so that they are not suppressed inside you.
You can also resort to psychiatrists, and consult them about your condition, as well as do some checks on a regular basis in order to check on your physical health.
This is done in order to ensure the safety of your health, and that you do not suffer from any serious diseases that may be the cause of your psychological state, and this will help you to get rid of a lot of thinking and anxiety about your health condition.
There are some bad habits that should be avoided, such as smoking a lot, drinking alcohol, as well as drinking caffeinated drinks, so you should reduce your drinking of these drinks.
Continuing to laugh helps release serotonin, the happiness hormone that helps you feel comfortable, improves your mood dramatically, and increases blood flow in your blood vessels.
You can extend the time that you devote on a daily basis for entertainment and relaxation, and you should enjoy your holidays fully, and not occupy them with things that put you under stress; On holidays it is only for convenience.
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Thus, we have done a research for you on psychological stress that includes its causes, the signs that cause its appearance, as well as the methods that must be followed in order to reduce these effects.

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